Skibiking, an exclusive offer «100% made in... Le Grand-Bornand»!

  • Véloski Le Grand-Bornand
An activity to be found nowhere else in the French Alps, véloski is a 100% «made in Le Grand- Bornand» sport, where participantsdescend the slopes at their own pace in the midst of the skiers, but riding a safe (and reassuring) machine designed and made in a neighbouring village, and approved by the Ministry of Transport. Easy to master – even for non-skiers – it’s a chance for everyone to experience on snow the heady sensations of cycling, with a braking system using just one foot, setting it apart from fatbikes and similar machines.

Equipment available for rent from Le Grand-Bornand sports shops.

From €42 for a one-hour beginners session (not including skibike rental)
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