Fitness and wellness

Aquafit lesson for the whole family. Lesson includes access to the swimming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, fitness centre.
Snowshoeing and yoga, taking the time to enjoy life's simple pleasures, listening to one's body through various poses, focused breathing, letting yourself go with each exhalation, simply being and becoming one with the winter wilderness.
In relationship with the principles of chinese energetics, Qi Gong associates slow moves and respiration technics to free your body and spirit from daily stress and make you taste well being and relaxation.
Aquabike promotes muscle building and the development of the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Movements in water and hydrostatic pressure stimulate blood circulation. The sessions offered in music are sporting.
For just a moment, enjoy yourself to be another person !
Maintain and restore your physical , emotional and mental balance. Yoga, stretching, and relaxation sessions. In addition, hikes through the mountains in the afternoon.
Bringing your body and mind together to enter a state of physical and emotional well-being.
From chinese origins, Tai Ji Quan is a technic to master your body and spirit. It will help you to develop your inner energy thanks to some gentle moves, auto-massage and strengthening of your bones and muscles.
Plantar reflexology will help your body to find balance and its ability to heal on its own.

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