New winter sports

Winter 2016/2017
Ski area openning until April, 17st 2017 (depending on snow conditions).

  Rules for ski area access for ski-bikes, snow-scoots, and yooners.
Access for ski-bikes, snow-scoots, and yooners is authorized on the following lifts and trails. Users are considered as pedestrians when loading and unloading, and must be attached to their sliding device via leash.
- Le Rosay gondola (ascent and descent): trails Serpentine and Azalée
- Les Gettiers chairlift: trails Fougères and Violettes
- Le Châtelet chairlift: trails Bois Joli (except the section below marker n°1), Eglantine, Lac.
- Le Maroly chairlift: trail Chardons Blancs
- La Taverne chairlift: trail Sapinière
- Le Cret chairlift: trail Trolles
- La Duche chairlift: trail Duche
Ski patrol will determine and post every day the openings/closures for these devices based on conditions.
Ski-bike rentals: the Le Tremplin sport shop.
Discover the new thrills of a sliding sport that's easy to learn, even for people who don't ski.
  • Famille Plus
New thrills: sledding descent with ESF ski instructors.
New thrills: sledding descent with ESF ski instructors.
Ski at night on one of the longest lit up slopes in the Haute-Savoie area! Access by ski, yooners, veloskis, parets, snowscoots, snooc and fatbike.
The practice of FAT BIKE (ATV equipped with wheels for snow) is freely available on the path racket / pedestrian No. 30 (in the village), 19 (Les Troncs to Potais) and 25 in the Chinaillon.

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