#MONGRANDBO seen by Belinda Frikh

  •  - © Le Grand-Bornand Tourisme
French illustrator - born in Annecy - Belinda Frikh has just returned from 21 years in London where, after a first exhibition that sold out in 3 hours, she worked in the world of high fashion, frequented Banksy's entourage and was integrated into the walls of the prestigious Great Scotland Yard Hotel alongside the greatest English painters. With this atypical background, Belinda Frikh has been chosen to draw the original works illustrating this #MONGRANDBO n°1 - Carnet de Village, the new spearhead of the Grand-Bornand tourist editions, the printed version of which is available from our travel consultants. Influenced by "the ménage à trois of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, Art Nouveau and the seductive imagery of the 1980s", she transposes her sensual and magnetic female figures into the - no less powerful - universe of Grand-Bornand.

→ Enter Belinda's studio and discover the making-of of her original works created for Le Grand-Bornand.

→ Belinda Frikh, fashion illustrator and international artist, talks about the encounter between her world and that of Le Grand-Bornand, which she has known since she was a child, having learned to ski there.
Une reproduction est proposée en format poster par la boutique officielle de l’Office de tourisme (prix 5 €).

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