Bohemian Skiing

Le Grand-Bornand cultivates the art of getting out of the... framework. Alternative and full of audacity, invitation is made to hipsters to get into winter time."

during the "Randos' under the stars"
Feet in the snow, head in the stars: this is the new service offered by the ESF Ski de fond du Grand-Bornand. On the program, a walk of about 2 hours, on foot or snowshoes, at night and on the heights of the resort to observe and learn to recognize stars, planets and constellations, taking advantage of the particularly pure and light pollution-free sky of Grand-Bornand... An experience of physical and sensory purity, in the light of the foreheads and rocked by the crunch of the snow under his feet, where to become aware of the scale of things and its place in the universe.

by dog sled
Looking for a Jack London experience? Le Grand-Bornand offers dog sledding baptisms alongside a musher. Time to meet the dogs, participate in the harnessing and driving of the sled in the preserved setting of the frozen banks of the Borne... a time of intense and friendly exchange with the animal, to renew with a sport based on Inuit tradition.

decorating the 55 cabins of the Rosay line
The number of original works decorating the 55 cabins of the Rosay line, as part of the artistic project "Grandborama". A real outdoor art gallery as pleasant to look at from the outside as it is to borrow for skiers!

2000... COWS,
for barely more people  
2000 Cows, for barely more inhabitants, contribute to making Grand-Bornand the first production area of the famous farm reblochon. A must to enjoy during the farm visits offered all winter long!

or "really" accessible contemporary art!
Unique in the world, evolutive, arty and offbeat as far as possible, the Cow Art Route allows walkers to appreciate the hundreds of works - paintings and sculptures - permanently installed throughout the village, maintained and regularly renewed by professional and amateur artists from all over the world. A real outdoor art gallery, for a new and offbeat vision of the ruminant "star" of Grand-Bornand.
Map of the Cow Art Route available from the Tourist Office.
Discover Cow Art

Inspiring as much as possible, Le Grand-Bornand is home to passionate craftsmen in the setting of its discreet chalets, perfect ambassadors of crafts that are sometimes forgotten and who contribute, in their own way, to the sharing and preservation of such noble and beautiful gestures. An invitation to push their door, warm up at the corner of the hearth and open your senses, to discover another experience of the Grand-Bornand...

Didier is playing hard to... leather
Didier Perrillat is a local craftsman, a figure from Grand-Bornand who perpetuates an ancestral know-how with the work of leather, using age-old tools. His workshop-boutique is located in one of the oldest chalets in the village. There is not a bornandin ski champion who has not been offered a bell in his name - the ultimate reward - leaving his workshop! As a perfect ambassador
of a profession that has become rare - as much as the beautiful work "made in France" - Didier leads, at the corner of the stove, workshops to introduce people to leather work and contributes by his art - and his facundity - to the preservation of a profession as noble as it is old. Manufacturing and sale of regional and homemade handicrafts (handbags and travel bags, belts and bracelets, saddlebags, traditional games, etc....).

base camp dreamed of by urbanites seeking to recharge their batteries
A dream base camp for urbanites seeking to recharge their batteries, L'Auberge Nordique*** will renew the experience of collective mountain accommodation in winter 2019/2020, thanks to major extension/restructuring work that will provide the establishment, in the preserved setting of the Bouchet Valley, with 26 additional rooms bringing its total capacity to 160 beds, a central patio restaurant and a panoramic terrace that will facilitate meetings and exchanges between residents, and a "hygge" wellness area. Equipped with a salt cave, this little gem of architecture on the edge of a hundred-year-old forest will provide breathtaking views of the haughty slopes of the Aravis mountain range... Enough to strengthen the establishment in its continued repositioning towards a culture of well-being, with in particular the practice of yoga combined with sports and Nordic sessions, among other detox' courses.
With state-of-the-art insulation and central heating powered by a high-performance wood-fired boiler, the newly renovated Nordic Inn bears the "Chouette Nature" label, which includes a series of actions such as ecological waste management (zero packaging waste picnic...) and sustainable purchasing (local and seasonal products), discovery of the local heritage, organisation of the transport of residents by bus to limit the use of their vehicles, awareness of ecology among men (children and teenagers in their discovery class trips, adult clients and employees of the establishment).