Ski pass GRAND BO LIB'

From the first day of skiing > €28

For the next 6 days
> €30 the day
> €28 the half-day of 4 hrs

(Less than 4 hours between the first and last pass at the ski lifts)

2019/2020 SEASON

  • Free access to night skiing.
  • Loyalty free days the 11th, 16th, 21st, ... skiing days, for the skier Grand Bo Lib 'or the person of his choice.
  • Sponsorship :
    • For the godson: subscription at 27 instead of €37,
    • For the sponsor: a credit of €28 to be applied on his first bill.


  • I subscribe for the season, exclusively online for only €37.
    I get my Grand Bo Lib' pass customised to my home.
  • No more need to stop by the Lift Pass Offices, you access straight to the slopes.
    My 1st day of skiing is only €28!
  • The following 6 days, I ski at the advantageous price of €30 per day (or €28 the 4hrs).
A Pay as you go Ski Pass: you get charged automatically, only for the days you ski.

At the end of this period, my offer is renewed!
My next skiing day is again at €28 and the next 6 days at €30!
And so on, all season!
  Period of 7 consecutive days
From the beginning of the season until 31th March 2020
First day of skiing Following days
Price 2019/2020 in € Day / 4 hrs Day 4 hrs
Adult / Senior 28 30 28
Child under 15 23.80 27 23.80

  Period of 7 consecutive days
From April 2020 -
First day of skiing  Following days
Price 2019/2020
in €
Day / 4 hrs Day 4 hrs
Adult / Senior NC NC NC
Child under 15 NC NC NC
Child under 8 NC NC NC
Subscribe in Grand Bo Lib' involves purchasing a subscription that includes the provision of the Ski'Card.
For the 2019/2020 season, any new subscription is set at €37; Customers who have subscribed to the Grand Bo Lib' during the 2018/19 winter season, get a preferential rate of €27 for the 2019/2020 season, by tacit renewal.
Processing times after order:
- On-site pick-up (at the Ski Lift office at the Tourist Office only): 4 days
- Shipping to your home: 8 days

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