Informations about COVID-19

Updated on 24/03/2020 at 5.50 pm

On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to minimize contact and travel. A containment system is in place throughout the territory from Tuesday, March 17 at 12:00 pm, for a minimum of fifteen days.

It is by limiting our social interactions that we will succeed in fighting the spread of the virus. It is up to all of us to show good citizenship and stay in our place of confinement.

The slogan of the President of the Republic is clear: "STAY AT HOME".

Travel is prohibited except in the following cases and only if you have a certificate for:
  • Move from home to work when telework is not possible;
  • Make essential purchases in authorized local shops;
  • Go to a health professional;
  • Travel for childcare or to help vulnerable people with the strict condition of respecting barrier gestures;
  • Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering;
  • Family outings allowed, subject to reuniting only members of the same confined household;

All mountain activities are fordidden: ski, ski touring, mountaineering, rock-climbing, hiking and mountain biking.

The two documents necessary to circulate are available:
  • The individual certificate, to download by clicking here or to reproduce on free paper. It must be completed for each non-business trip;
  • The employer's certificate, to download by clicking here. It is valid for the duration of the containment measures and therefore does not have to be renewed every day;
  • When children are accompanied by their parents, only adults must have a travel certificate;
  • When children travel alone, they must have their individual certificate.

Violations of these rules will be punished with a fine of 135 euros.
Only official printed certificates and honor certificates written on plain paper are valid.

On the other hand, Olivier VERAN, Minister of Health and Solidarity issued a ministerial decree regulating the opening of establishments open to the public.
All establishments belonging to the categories mentioned below can no longer accommodate the public until April 15, 2020:
  • Audition, conference, meeting, show or multiple use rooms
  • Shopping centers;
  • Restaurants and drinking places;
  • Dance halls and play rooms;
  • Libraries and documentation centers;
  • The exhibition rooms;
  • Covered sports establishments;
  • Museums.

Establishments of an essential nature can remain open:
  • Food businesses;
  • Pharmacies;
  • The banks ;
  • Press service or distribution stations;
  • Public transports ;
  • Hotels can remain open. Only "room service" services can be maintained;
  • All restaurants are authorized to maintain their take-out and delivery activities.

In application of the national decisions, the following are closed in Le Grand-Bornand:
  • All "public places not essential to the life of the country";
  • Ski areas:
    • The slopes of the Alpine and Nordic ski areas;
    • The ski lifts;
    • Practices and activities on the alpine ski slopes;
    • Ski touring on the ski area;
  • Communal facilities:
    • Sports halls;
    • The library ;
    • Municipal meeting rooms;
    • The Heritage House;
    • Espace Grand Bo;
    • Cinemas;
    • Public services: the town hall, the Village and Chinaillon tourist offices as well as the ski lift office will no longer provide physical reception from Monday 16 March.

Public services for the population and customers will be provided by phone, at the following numbers and times:
Le Grand-Bornand town hall: phone reception from 9 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5.30 pm except Wednesday afternoon
  • Population Service - Reception of the Town Hall: 04 50 02 78 20
  • Land and urban planning service: 04 50 02 78 33
  • Technical services: 04 50 02 78 33
  • Tourist tax / Seasonal accommodation: 04 50 02 78 32
  • Secretary of the Mayor / General administration: 04 50 02 78 25
  • Accounting: 04 50 02 78 24
  • Community life: 04 50 02 79 02
  • Markets and public orders: 04 50 92 78 31
  • Human resources: 04 50 02 78 23
  • Municipal police: 04 50 02 78 22
Some of your procedures can be carried out online via the website of the Town Hall of Le Grand-Bornand:

Tourist Office: phone reception from 9 am to 12 pm Monday to Friday
Ski lifts: phone reception only on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 am to 12 pm

During this period, continuity of services is ensured.
We thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Medical offices and pharmacies are open:
  • Village medical office: 04 50 02 20 36
  • Chinaillon medical office: 04 50 27 06 20
  • Village pharmacy: 04 50 02 20 38
  • Chinaillon pharmacy : 04 50 09 62 02

To avoid the spread of the coronavirus, it is important that everyone adopts the right barrier gestures and respects the confinement rules defined in the framework of the decree of March 16, 2020 regulating movement. It is the vigilance and individual responsibility of each.