Sport for disabled

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Come and try the QuadriX, all-terrain wheelchairs specifically equipped to fit on chairlifts, available to both able-bodied and handicapped individuals (elderly, paraplegic) to enjoy the thrills of riding down the mountains.
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For years Le Grand Bornand has made adaptive/handicapped skiing easy. Skiers with physical challenges or other handicaps will find lessons that cater to their needs, taught by instructors qualified to teach adaptive skiing. Specialized equipment provided.
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Discover the ski area and enjoy the sensations of skiing in a wheelchair controlled by a qualified instructor. The Tandem is intended for people with reduced mobility, seniors and people eager for discovery and sensation of sliding.
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The Tandem Flex tandem sit ski allows you to enjoy the Le Grand-Bornand ski area in total comfort and safety. No longer will you be forced to wait all day long at the bottom of the ski area, "downhill fanatics" make sliding on snow accessible to everyone.