Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes

The most tender festival of the summer will not take place in 2020.
See you at the 29th edition of the Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes from 22 to 27 August 2021.
And between now and then, don't be too sad... See you soon!

"Au Bonheur des Mômes aims high and is not afraid to take risks" - Télérama
"As crazy as it is committed, we are far from the all-too-common mawkishness" - Causette
"Deliciously offbeat, awfully funny and above all of absolute tenderness" - Le Dauphiné Libéré
" Anti-bling, Le Grand-Bornand refuses to be a fool. Its success is due to a rare model" - Libération
The kids’ festival «Au Bonheur des Mômes» (meaning «To Kids’ Delight») is  the high point of the summer: it’s an explosion of French culture, featuring a daring programme full of crazy fun, set to shake up over 90,000 festivalgoers in Le Grand-Bornand this summer.
A spectacular hit and a leading example of its kind, this is THE kids’ festival for the performing arts: attracting crowds from all over Europe, sparking  curiosity and wonder, it overflows with a sense of fun that is as limitless as its ambition: to bring people together in full respect for each other in all our  differences. Shaking up its world, «l’Avignon des enfants» will put a smile on children’s faces for a week during one last bit of fun before it’s time to go  back to school. Mischief will be the order of the day for festivalgoers of all  ages. A hundred or so performers and international theatre companies will be there to give over 400 performances in the streets, at local venues or in circus tents, as well as deep in the mountain pastures... it’s going to cause quite a stir!
All hands on deck! Pick up your puppets…
Puppets may be pretty but they’ve got lots to say too! String and paper, shadow and glove, dummy heads, jumping jacks and other fair giants are all ready to come to life as guests at «Au Bonheur des Mômes» Festival. Le Grand-Bornand is putting the spotlight on this age-old and universal theatre art for its 29th event... So get up and get over to the happiest festival of the summer! Full schedule and bookings for festival passes, shows and workshops from Monday 6 July.