Inimitable landscapes


The "Pearl" of Aravis is the most beautiful land art!
Among the most beautiful resorts in the French Alps, in the heart of the Aravis Massif, in Haute-Savoie ideally located between Mont Blanc, Lake Annecy and Switzerland, Le Grand-Bornand offers the best of the Alps! You can not remain insensitive to the charm and the grandiose landscapes of this mountain village.
Le Grand-Bornand is of course a tourist resort, summer and winter, but also a real charming village that lives all year and here, the generous nature has done things ... Everything starts with the Aravis range, splendid backdrop, headed at 2750 meters by Pointe Percée, emblematic peak of the Massif, from which curves at once harmonious, green, wooded and accessible run down to the village.
Le Grand-Bornand extends over two altitudes: at 1000 meters, is Le Grand-Bornand Village, typical Savoyard village with its "grenette", its square, its church and its shops, its recreational area, its direct access to the alpine et nrordic ski area.
In the backdrop of the village, discover the splendid Bouchet valley at the foot of the Aravis range, favorite area of Nordic skiing in winter and golf in summer, which leads you to the famous Col des Annes.
Six kilometers higher than Le Grand-Bornand Village, on the road to the Col de la Colombière, classic Tour de France cyclist, stretches Le Grand-Bornand Chinaillon, at 1300 meters above sea level, main departure from the ski slopes , and whose Old Village, dating from the seventeenth century has remained very preserved.
Feet in the water, head in the mountains!
Just 30 minutes from Le Grand-Bornand, Annecy, its lake, its old town and the surrounding mountains have charmed visitors for more than a century. It is an exceptional landscape that extends from north to south, from the city of Annecy to the Pays de Faverges and Sources du Lac and encloses the Nature Reserve of Bout du Lac. It is also a unique and inimitable playground for the practice of outdoor sports.
Welcome to Annecy Mountains!