Ski touring routes - Page 2

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Itinerary for advanced skiers open on the evenings of the night lifts from Le Grand-Bornand Chinaillon. Experience night skiing on a marked itinerary. A new "afterwork" concept in Grand Bornand.
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Discovery level itinerary from Chinaillon to the Cour lake.
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Intermediate level itinerary that goes around "Les Arces" from the South and that goes through the forest with a splendid view on the Aravis Range at the end. Negative difference in altitude of 880m with a return by the Envers trail to Grand-Bornand.


Friends hikers, here are some rules to respect on our ski touring / splitboard itineraries: 

- Be sure to check before you leave: the opening times of these itineraries may vary and are linked to the opening times of the ski area. The Outalays night itinerary is only open during the night time ski lifts.
- In case of particular conditions, access to these itineraries may be forbidden from time to time. Please respect the signs in place for your safety.
- Make sure you have the necessary safety equipment: avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, as well as a means of telecommunication to alert the emergency services.
- Follow the signs, you will find orange markers on the routes.
- It is forbidden to go against the normal flow of skiers during the ascent. 
- On the way down, use the open and marked slopes of the ski area. 
For the descent of the Outalays night itinerary, use only the Abondance slope. 
- Be back down at the closing of the ski area (5pm). Access to the ski area is forbidden outside of opening hours. 
- There are several levels of difficulty, so don't overestimate your abilities. 
- You will find more information in this municipal by-law.