The ski area in 10 essentials

In the top league of the major French ski resorts, Le Grand-Bornand boasts 86 km of alpine ski slopes, punctuated by state-of-the-art equipment (snowpark for all levels, secure freeride area, timed slalom stadium, night skiing, etc.) combined with a Nordic domain that regularly hosts the French Biathlon World Cup round. The diversity of difficulty levels evolving at almost 360° around Mount Lachat, and the concern to open the most beautiful spaces and panoramas, including for intermediate level skiers, make it a popular playground for sports glide enthusiasts and lovers of a more contemplative skiing.

3 km of non-stop descent for 1100 m of altitude difference
3 km of non-stop descent for 1100 m of altitude difference: these are the dream measurements of the famous Dénivel'Maxx, THE mythical track of the Grand-Bornand...
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All schuss

An authentic resort
The Grand-Bornand offers 86 km of trails between peaks and fir forests, punctuated by a remarkable built heritage: chapel, old chalets and picturesque hamlets...
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Top 10 of the most beautiful French equipment

Regularly ranked in the top 10 of the most beautiful French equipment, the SnowparkGB (Snowpark Le Grand-Bornand) democratizes freestyle on nearly 5 hectares of fun and alternative slopes. At the height of everyone, it offers different lines adapted to beginners and freestylers alike.
The Snowpark GB

Family skiing has never been so easy!
The Alpage Express
230 m long - a world record - for this covered, wide-belt carpet that can be used by an adult and a child side by side, the centrepiece of the beginners' area on the Rosay plateau, for stress-free learning to ski for the first time.

La Défi Môm'
Slalom arch and bollard, gallows with bell, distorting mirror, rotating character, suspended curtain... all playful modules on the theme of cows and agriculture to discover on this downhill run on the Les Églantines green run.

The Môm'park, a miniature version of the SnowparkGB where little daredevils can try their hand at freestyle.

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  •  - © T.Vattard
A space not groomed but secured
Focused around the black Freeride slope, a whole unpacked but secure area open to the most experienced skiers.
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270 snow guns help to cover more than 50% of the slopes maintained

 270 snow guns help to cover more than 50% of the slopes* of the Grand-Bornand with snow guaranteed to be cultivated without additives, making Grand-Bornand one of the most advanced resorts in the French mountains.
*It takes about 100 hours (with optimal conditions) to cover the slopes covered by snow.
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skiing, yes... but arty!

Grand-Bornand offers a unique opportunity to extend the pleasure of skiing by one hour every Saturday from January 25 to March 28, as well as every evening during the 2020 winter holiday. The principle: enjoy the sunset show at an altitude of 2100m, the highlight of your skiing day, and enjoy a last descent in a stunning atmosphere... The other benefit of the operation consists in staggering the returns to the valley, thus limiting the congestion of the roads to keep intact the capital "happiness" of his day skiing! Please note: the creation of a special ski pass "Sunset", valid from 3pm on the dates concerned by the operation.
An intensified experience

From winter 2019/2020, by the new detachable chairlift of Le Charmieux, which extends the illuminated runway every Tuesday in winter, as well as on Thursdays during school holidays.
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55 cabins and as many works telling Le Grand-Bornand
A unique artistic performance coupled with an art gallery... where to go!

in the skin...
In addition to its free practice - within the limits of the safety conditions specific to any practice in the natural environment - it is possible to try out ski touring along the secure routes set up along the alpine ski slopes. Grand-Bornand offers three signposted routes offering a breathtaking view of the Aravis mountain range. With free access, only one of the routes - "La Joyère / Le Chenu" - requires the use of a transport ticket to access the upper station of the La Joyère cable car, the starting point of this tour.
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The most spectacular views of the region over the Aravis mountain range
From the summit of Mont-Lachat (alt. 2100 m) and the balconies of Maroly and Terres Rouges, the Grand-Bornand slopes provide the region's most spectacular views of the Aravis mountain range, guaranteeing all-day skiing in the sun.
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