Paragliding : sensational first flight

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  • baptême sensation en parapente au Grand-Bornand
  • baptême de parapente en hiver au Grand-Bornand
  • vol en biplace baptême de parapente sensation au Grand-Bornand
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  • Baptême Sensation été, décollage
  • Baptême Sensation été, aterrissage
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136 chemin des télécabines
Le Grand-Bornand Village
Le Grand-Bornand
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If you love thrills, this flight is for you!
Sensations, emotions and adrenalin guaranteed!
15 min. flight. For experienced pilots.
We offer different types of tandem flights.

We schedule a meeting time at our office or at the bottom of the Le Lachat chairlift, and then ride together to the takeoff site, located at the top of Mont Lachat.
In the winter, for non-skiers, we can provide all of the necessary gear, and don't worry; several people have donned skis for the very first time when they took their first paragliding flight! If it is possible to take off on foot, we will.
After being briefed and geared up by your instructor, a smooth and easy takeoff will allow you to then fully enjoy your flight. If you so desire, during your flight you will be able to pilot the paraglider while exploring Le Grand-Bornand from the sky.
The landing will also be smooth and easy, by either sliding a few meters on skis or taking just a few short steps, and as your thoughts still linger high above you will never again look at the sky in the same way!

If you like strong sensations, this flight is for you : wing over, 360° engaged etc... Sensations, emotions, and adrenaline guaranteed!
Takeoff from Lachat and landing in the village, 1100m of altitude difference and about 15min of flight.

Whatever the flight, each instructor is equipped with a camera with boom allowing you to bring back unforgettable memories of your aerial adventure. Delivered on an SD card with 30 to 40 photos and 2 to 3 videos. In supplement.
Accessible to all from 35 kg to 110 kg. Allow 1h15 for pick up (from the meeting point to the landing).
In winter, accessible to all, skiers and non-skiers, depending on the weather and snow conditions, take-off on foot possible.
From 16/12/2023 to 14/04/2024, daily.

From Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 June 2024.

From Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 June 2024.

From 29/06 to 01/09/2024, daily.

From Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 September 2024.

Subject to favorable weather. Postponed in case of bad weather. On demand.
In summary
  • Reception :
    • French
    • English
  • SITRA services :
    • 8 yrs old min
  • Type of activity :
    • Accompanied
  • Nature of the supervised activity :
    • Introductory/discovery
  • Activities information :
    • Place AirLinks
  • Levels of sporting experience :
    • For beginners / novice
Facilities and services
  • Ancilliary services :
    • Equipment provided


136 chemin des télécabines
Le Grand-Bornand Village
Le Grand-Bornand
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 45.944375
Longitude : 6.435471
From 16/12/2023 to 14/04/2024
One price: 85 € (lifts not included).

From 15/06 to 08/09/2024
One price: 100 € (Lifts included).

Unforgettable memory optional (photos and videos of the flight): 25 €.
  • Method of payment :
    • Cheque
    • Cash
    • Ch
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Le Grand-Bornand Village
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We offer tandem paragliding flights in summer and winter in Grand-Bornand, introductory and advanced paragliding courses as well as the Airlinks Online Academy "By Ozone and Seiko Fukuoka".
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Goal: Discover the mountain differently. If once in your life, when you reached the top of a hike, you said to yourself: "If only I could fly down" then this course is for you.
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Goal: Discover thermal flight in paragliding. This course is part of the continuation of the progression in paragliding: the discovery of ascent.
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Goal: to teach you to pilot on your own. This course follows up the beginner course to refine your piloting technique and broaden your theoretical understanding of all aspects of paragliding.
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Goal: to pilot your first major flights. This course will allow you to pilot your first major flights via a thorough progression and provide you with a solid foundation in your training towards becoming a pilot.
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Tandem paragliding flights, open to all. The entry is done smoothly in the 3rd dimension. Extraordinary! Take off from Le Lachat and landing in the village, 1100 m of difference in altitude & 15min of flight.
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A 45min, which will take you to fly over the Aravis with an extraordinary view on all the Alps at 360°. A magnificent escape into the domain of eagles and bearded vultures. The key words of this flight: dream, mastery and adventure.
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Ascension: 20 to 30 minutes flight time. If you want to fully enjoy your experience, opt for this flight! Adrenalin guaranteed.
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See the world from another perspective. Paraglide in tandem with one of our qualified instructors and get an eagle eye's view of Grand Bornand and the Aravis mountains.
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The take-off is located at the top of Mont Lachat, at an altitude of 2100 meters.
04 50 02 78 20
This landing field in the Bouchet valley benefits from a healthy aerology in rising or falling breeze. The approach is made in PTU left hand by rising breeze (downwind branch on the tree hedge side) and right hand by falling breeze.