New winter sports

Winter 2017/2018
Ski area openning from 1st snow until April, 20st 2018 (depending on snow conditions).

  Rules for ski area access for ski-bikes, snow-scoots, and yooners.
Access for ski-bikes, snow-scoots, and yooners is authorized on the following lifts and trails. Users are considered as pedestrians when loading and unloading, and must be attached to their sliding device via leash.
- Le Rosay gondola (ascent and descent): trails Serpentine and Azalée
- Les Gettiers chairlift: trails Fougères and Violettes
- Le Châtelet chairlift: trails Bois Joli (except the section below marker n°1), Eglantine, Lac.
- Le Maroly chairlift: trail Chardons Blancs
- La Taverne chairlift: trail Sapinière
- Le Cret chairlift: trail Trolles
- La Duche chairlift: trail Duche
Ski patrol will determine and post every day the openings/closures for these devices based on conditions.
Ski-bike rentals: the Le Tremplin sport shop.
Discover the new thrills of a sliding sport that's easy to learn, even for people who don't ski.
Ski at night on one of the longest lit up slopes in the Haute-Savoie area! Access by ski, yooners, veloskis, parets, snowscoots, snooc and fatbike.
The practice of FAT BIKE (ATV equipped with wheels for snow) is freely available on the path racket / pedestrian No. 30 (in the village), 19 (Les Troncs to Potais) and 25 in the Chinaillon.
Ski touring or snowshoeing at night and meals with blue light..
New thrills: sledding descent with ESF ski instructors.
With Wingjump, discover the first equipment in the world that offers the sensation of lift in addition to that of gliding and that in total safety. A new safe sport to practice easily with family or friends.