Bohemian Mountain

Le Grand-Bornand cultivates the art of getting out of the... framework. Alternative and full of audacity, an invitation for hipsters of all kinds to go green."
in an authentic school farm
What could be more natural for the 1st agricultural commune of Haute-Savoie than to train the next generation by introducing 5-12 year olds to the gestures and skills of peasant life? As real small farmers, children and young teenagers are led to take care of the animals - sheep, goats, rabbits, hens and ducks - and work in the vegetable garden before the final pony ride, a well-deserved reward for their efforts!
or " bloody " contemporary art accessible!
Unique in the world, evolutive, arty and offbeat as far as possible, the Cow Art Route allows walkers to appreciate the hundreds of works - paintings and sculptures - permanently installed throughout the village, maintained and regularly renewed by professional and amateur artists from all over the world. A real outdoor art gallery, for a new and offbeat vision of the ruminant "star" of Grand-Bornand.
Map of the Cow Art Route available from the Tourist Office.
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the secrets of the reblochon fermier revealed
2000 cows for barely more inhabitants contribute, all year round, to making Grand-Bornand the first production area for the famous round cheese with its creamy hazelnut taste. The resort is also the first agricultural commune in Haute-Savoie with about fifty farms in operation, and every Wednesday morning offers the last market at the reblochon de la
region. An institution dating back to 1795... Every week, one of the many farms in Grand-Bornand opens its doors to the public. The opportunity to discover, the different stages of reblochon manufacturing. From milking the cows to maturing in the cellar, the "cheese cream" prized by hikers reveals the secrets of its unique taste and texture during a final tasting with the producer.

to electricity
Labelled "Accueil Vélo", Le Grand-Bornand is an essential stopover on the Route des Grandes Alpes, a prestigious tourist route linking Lake Geneva and the Mediterranean via the most beautiful Alpine passes. The Col de la Colombière remains, as such, a classic of the Tour de France, whose resort has already been a stopover town seven times since 1995, to be climbed (also) by electric bicycle to register its pedal stroke in the wheel of champions of the great loop....
About a hundred e-bikes are now available from the station's activity providers.
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Didier is playing hard to... leather

Didier Perrillat is a local craftsman, a figure from Grand-Bornand who perpetuates an ancestral know-how with the work of leather, using age-old tools. His workshop-boutique is located in one of the oldest chalets in the village. There is not a bornandin ski champion who has not been offered a bell in his name - the ultimate reward - leaving his workshop! As a perfect ambassador
of a profession that has become rare - as much as the beautiful work "made in France" - Didier leads, at the corner of the stove, workshops to introduce people to leather work and contributes by his art - and his facundity - to the preservation of a profession as noble as it is old. Manufacturing and sale of regional and homemade handicrafts (handbags and travel bags, belts and bracelets, saddlebags, traditional games, etc...).

a look into the... retro
A former bistro that has remained in its original state and is now in its most outdated form, the Café des Artistes, nestled in the alleys of the old village, will reopen this summer with workshops to introduce visitors to old trades, demonstrations of crafts, snail races, grandmother pie competitions, concerts and other artistic performances led by young local artists gathered within the "Melting Paint" collective. The perfect opportunity to sip a locally designed lemonade while learning the basics of typography, for example, in a setting with a unique atmosphere, theatrical as possible thanks to the frescoes by the painter Piero Amoudry integrated into the "Parcours de l'Art Vache" decorating the old walls of the district...
The highlight is the international festival Au Bonheur des Mômes, from 25 to 30 August, whose Café des Artistes serves as a festive and delightfully alternative venue for the 90,000 festivalgoers expected...
to the lantern!
An authentic farmhouse that has, like more than 400 chalets in Grand-Bornand, passed through the centuries acquiring a patina that gives it its character, the Maison du Patrimoine presents a collection of furniture, objects and costumes from yesteryear skilfully staged... that can now be discovered while enjoying the very special atmosphere of a night visit to the lantern. Between darkness and light, the crackling of the wood and the crackling of the fire in the fireplace, will you be able to find the date, hardly believable, engraved upside down on the oldest beam of the venerable residence? A clue... take the stairs to the barn!